The power of music

I get terribly distracted when I’m writing. Ideally I’d have one of those amazing writing rooms located at the bottom of a very long garden or a tree house with a drawbridge.  I have neither a long garden or a tall tree so to console myself (and to block everyday detritus like dog barking, phone ringing and postman knocking ) I play music.

The genre and mood of the music has to fit in with the piece I’m writing. I adore A.R.Rahman’s Mumbai Theme Tune for when I’m transporting myself to India …..I must have listened to it 100 times, it always brings tears to my eyes.

I know I’m a bit late off the mark but I’ve just discovered the 8tracks App…this is incredible. You can listen to other people’s music collections spanning every genre.

I was sitting in a bar in Brighton a few weeks ago and discovered FIP radio. It’s a French station that you can pick up on the south coast but you can also hear it on the net or download an App, it’s brilliant, quite funky and jazzy and of cause the Dj’s don’t irritate as I can’t understand a word they say!



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