Top tips that may help sell your book

I’ve been busy following fellow tweeters, mostly writers, a few literary agents and some publishers. There’s a nice network of people out there all sharing ideas and tips about writing and getting published.

I picked up some simple tips yesterday to help sell more books once you have it published.

1. Get your friends to buy it!

2. Get your friends to buy it and give it as a gift to someone else!

3. Read the book in a public place: Airport, train, cafe ….

4. Go into a bookshop that stocks it and ask the shop assistant to help you find it (the idea is if lots of people ask for it then the book might get noticed and become pick of the week).

5. Get your friends to go into book shops and turn the book face out so people notice it.

6. Get friends to reserve it at their local library.

7. Leave a good review on Amazon if its sold through them.

8. Get your friends, family and all who know you to support book launches to create a buzz.

Simple but effective




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