Where have you been today?

I was supposed to be having a clear out but then I came across some of my travel journals…once you pick them up it’s impossible to put them down. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I liked to buy a journal in the country of my travels, it felt more authentic somehow. I wrote them at the end of each day, sticking in anything relevant that I picked up along the way like tickets and beer mats (lots of beer mats!) I quite liked doing little sketches and watercolours too. It’s made me realise how intrepid I used to be. Notice how I write in the past tense? I do still go on  holiday but they are more like holidays than global adventures (the more grueling the better) Not sure if I’d travel around with a backpack in the same way now I’m a little older and dare I say it only slightly wiser.  So today I’ve caught up on the rainforests of Borneo, volcanoes in Costa Rica, camel trekking in the Thar desert, the erotic carvings at Khajuraho, skinny dipping in Andalucia, colonial hotels in Kandy and hiring a pontiac and driving down to New Orleans….Phew….I’m quite exhausted!




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2 responses to “Where have you been today?

  1. next time you feel like being intrepid, count me in I could do with an adventure x

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