My first guest writer, Dean Drew reveals why he writes


Dean Drew

What form does your writing take? I’m addicted to writing a diary and recording my life and my mind. But I’ve also written, or partly written, 2 novels and a screenplay.

How does writing make you feel? Writing a diary is therapeutic. It helps me dissect my worries and challenges and reach an objective conclusion. I always feel better.  I feel very proud to have created such a large volume. I love looking back at them.

Where/when do you write? Most of the time when I’m by myself or in bed. I never write at a desk and virtually always write in long hand. I need a good pen and an expensive notepad. My favourite place to write is mid-dogwalk on Gillian Curr’s memorial bench overlooking Cleeve hill and Cheltenham.

What do you write about? My life, my work, my family and my friends. I spend a lot of time working out problems and trying to articulate the future. I sometimes tackle wider news and issues.

What’s the best thing about writing? Writing things down makes you pause, think and construct your thoughts.  Keeping a diary has revealed how I’ve matured, changed, got things wrong and got things right. I hope its a valuable memorial of me and my era.

How long have you been writing? I started writing my diaries when I was 17. And I have kept this going with one or two gaps for 34 years.

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