My second guest writer, Alfie Howis tells us about his passion for blogging

What form does your writing take? I have a blog which I write stories on.

How often do you write? Whenever I’m in the mood but usually about 6 or 7 times a month.

How does writing make you feel? It makes me feel like I’m expressing myself. My stories and characters take the shape of the mood I’m in.

Where/when do you write? I usually write after dinner before I go to bed on a mac in the office. I like writing in the dark when no ones around.

What do you write about? My stories are quite violent because I like to describe conflict and war.

What’s the best thing about writing? It makes me feel like people are seeing what I think about and pointless things in my head can be turned into something people can read.

How long have you been writing for? I’ve had a passion for writing for two and a half years and have had my blog for about 8 months.



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