Mindful writing.


I’m learning how to be “Mindful” at the moment. Its an amazing way to get off automatic pilot and to be aware of the here and now. To really live in the moment. It’s quite hard to master but I’m getting there. You have to be aware of your thoughts as they drift in and out of your mind but not get tangled up with them, just observe them, non judgmentally. I have daily exercises to do, meditation is one of them but also to do daily tasks mindfully ie: making a cup of tea or eating a meal…its amazing what you notice when you experience something fully, in the moment. All the detail comes to the fore…It’s not just a lovely way to be calmer, happier and more at peace but its really helping with my writing too.

The course is called : http://www.bemindfulonline.com   …its about £60 but well worth the money.


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2 responses to “Mindful writing.

  1. I’ve been practicing living in the moment and meditation has helped me quite a bit. I love the peace that comes from living in the moment. Thank you for the post.

    • Glad you liked the post. I’m fairly new to mindfulnes but I’m finding it really helpful. Not easy though, its so habitual to be on automatic pilot all the time!

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