A guided tour of my bookshelves


Office shelf…books on how to get published to books about the Raj, WW2, Hobson-Jobson Anglo Indian dictionary and The complete Indian housekeeper and cook. Oh, and underneath live all my Pantone books for when I’m doing my real work as a designer.



Modern fiction shelf…..just some of the books I’ve read recently, as I wrote in a previous post (I love, I lend, I lose) plenty of my favourites are missing!



Oversize reference shelf…. this is where all my chunky books live from old and modern atlas’s to gardening.




Bit of everything shelves….This one is a bit eclectic. From language books, biographies, books on campsites and great restaurants. By far the best section contains my well traveled Lonely planet guides, dog eared and creased from their adventures around the world with me.



Cooking shelf….I have loads of cook books, this is just a tiny selection….I love all of them but my favourite at the moment is one I bought my husband a few weeks ago for his birthday- Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. Usually I flick through a recipe book and see maybe 3- dishes I like the look of but this book has a great recipe on pretty much EVERY page!



Coffee table shelf…these are a few nice ones that are always good to have a quick flick through. I love Rankin’s book he did with Oxfam in the Congo.



The waiters…this is a shelf in my bedroom. It has all the books waiting patiently for their turn be picked up and read.



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2 responses to “A guided tour of my bookshelves

  1. am so nosy…. nothing I enjoy more than having a look at what people have on their shelves, what they’re reading, etc…. Thank you!! Will be looking out for others also sharing this way!

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