I feel a rewrite coming on!


We’ve just had a wonderful weekend away, staying in a small barn in the North Yorkshire moors. Surrounded by sheep, moorland and endless vistas with no hint of civilization…it was blissfully peaceful. On our route home we snooped around Catterick to find my grandmother’s old home. She lived there between 1939 and 1941 whilst Arthur, her husband, was stationed at Catterick Camp.

I thought it was going to be easy. I had the address written down, taken from numerous letters from that period. I’d google earthed it when I was writing the section of my novel that features her living at this address. How surprised I was then to not be able to work out exactly which house she’d lived in with the one-legged landlord and his wife. In my novel I’ve got her walking to the cinema to meet a friend in the blackout with Mr Osmund (the one-legged landlord) escorting her there…having driven the streets in real life (as opposed to Google life!) I realise this would not be possible. I’ve unearthed a few interesting snippets since coming home and have found the Catterick Camp History Facebook page to be an invaluable source of local knowledge and old photographs from that period.

I’ve printed out a map of Catterick and plotted various sites on it: her street, the shops, cinema and the Naafi.

I feel a rewrite coming on!



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2 responses to “I feel a rewrite coming on!

  1. I’ve had a similar experience, to a lesser degree. I spent an evening sipping a beer with a friend outside the bar where the murder takes place in my novel and I realized I had to change a few bits. I love going places and observing them to bring them into my work (the beer is not so bad either).

  2. Hi Rhett
    Thanks for your comments. Great to share our similar experiences. I normally do my location research before start writing…having said that I got Valletta (Malta) totally wrong too… glad I took the time to go there…guide books just don’t give you the feel of a place.

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