Non-linear novel writing.

I was looking into how to write a novel in a non-linear way today. It’s something I’m thinking of doing for book two. It’s all new to me ..I’m thinking of writing from maybe two or three POV’s and getting these characters paths to weave and cross at various junctions. I thought it could be an interesting way to write a sequel and make it totally different in writing style without loosing the continuation of the next part of the story……..then again it could be really confusing for the reader???!!!! Then I came across Scrivener…do any of you writers out there use this tool? Is it a bit of a gimmick or worth looking into? I rather like being surrounded by timelines, picture walls and plot maps…would Scrivener just tidy me up and put me in a neat box…not sure I’d like that.


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  1. Try a test drive of Scrivener. Set up a table with columns representing the various characters. In the cells put a scene summary according to which character’s point-of-view the scene is in. That’ll give you a clue of how your feel when you are “regimented.”..I use a rather elaborate version of this, and it provides a feeling of control (somewhat).

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