“Just start”


My ironing pile disappeared, my house was cleaned and the dog was bathed…I had writers block! “Just start” I kept telling myself as I strode up the muddy fields on the daily dog walk. Even if I write a heap of crap it doesn’t matter, it can go in the recycling bin.

So here we are, the start of book two. I’ve done as much research as I can, although plenty more is to come. Only yesterday I was researching what goes into a boty curry (tripe in case you were wondering), the layout of Ramnagar Fort and the early symptoms of malaria.

My life is now complete again as I go to sleep thinking up scenes and waking up with the urge to run down stairs and turn the Mac on. Then find myself still in my dressing gown at midday as I’ve been absorbed into my new world. It feels great to have my office once more adorned in timelines, plots and characters.

I was struggling with the idea of a sequel, but it seems to be a non-issue. I think the book makes sense even if the reader hasn’t read the first book but equally it carries on from the last.

I’m using a split narrative for the first time, which is fantastic. The story just keeps strolling along with the odd sprint and cliffhanger. Anyway must get on I have a story to write !




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4 responses to ““Just start”

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  2. Oh yes! Love the energy here, and the idea of everything orderly and planned in tangible form. Keep going. Super inspiration.

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