My book cover design

I’ve been looking at my book cover design today, using old family photographs. If you (ie: anyone) could give me some feedback, I would be most grateful….Would you pick it up, in say Waterstones (one can dream) if you were interested in novels with an Indian genre? Does the typography work?……sadly I have no review lines from The times or any literary prizes to shout about.




I have a few names (it’s complicated). What sounds better?

Jane Gill

Jane Howis Drew

Jane Drew

JH Drew


Thanks x




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4 responses to “My book cover design

  1. Sarah Rees

    I favour the cover with three people – less ‘busy’. And yes I would be drawn to it. I like Jane Drew but it may sound too much like Nancy Drew. Jane Gill sounds good too. Jane Howis Drew sounds like a seasoned author but may be a bit tricky to remember. JH Drew sounds like a historian – maybe a good thing… Golly it’s difficult ain’t it. I shall keep considering and discuss with others. And isn’t it about time we had that chat?! Sarah x

  2. DD

    The one on the left is simpler and more foreign so more exotic. How about Mrs DS Drew – like the good old days !

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