From manuscript to book

Having decided a while back that I might self publish and become an Indie author, its now time, to well, get on with it.

I’ve got a vague list of things to do at the moment and am starting to tick them off as I complete them and add new ones as I think of more:

1. Create a new face book page for me (Jane Gill Author) and not the book (Dance with Fireflies) as I intend to write more than one.

2. Change the title of the book (as one of my Beta readers had discovered that a book by the original title was published in March).

3. Look into Createspace and work out how to format my manuscript to become a print ready PDF. This is so much more work than I initially thought. I had designed the book cover but not the back! The blurb needs writing and there are certain rules to follow when doing this…The period the book is set in, the protagonist and the struggle/crux of the book (but not the ending). A sharp summary of why the story is worth reading/relevant. I’ve reformatted the manuscript to fit one of Createspace sizes and am now in the process of creating proper page breaks in my word document as opposed to a load of spaces. I’m sorting out my chapter numbers and headings. I’ve done the title page, copyright page, dedication page…Phew…is there anything I’ve missed? Oh yeah….margins and indents.

4. I’ve got a new Twitter account: janegillauthor.

5. Need to start thinking about a launch date….might try and get an actor friend of mine to read a little snippet and put it on the facebook page.

6. Will definitely have a brainstorm with a few people on how to get it out there…might print some postcards up and distribute them somewhere…book fairs, libraries, bookclubs….suggestions please!

7. Once I’m sure absolutely everything is in place I shall upload it onto Createspace and list it on Amazon.




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2 responses to “From manuscript to book

  1. What an exciting list! I am still in the very early draft stage of my little book, so you are way ahead of me. I will enjoy reading about your progress, and reading the finished product!

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