Win a signed copy of Dance with Fireflies


Would you like to win a signed copy of Dance with Fireflies for yourself or a friend? Just post a comment below for your chance to win! I will also dedicate the book to the lucky winner. Goodluck.



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13 responses to “Win a signed copy of Dance with Fireflies

  1. swalay

    Hi i love to know more about Nainital from your awsm book.

  2. Jenny Mallin

    One can quite imagine the joy you must be feeling seeing your book in print. What a wonderful legacy your grandmother left behind with all those treasured momentoes and how lucky to have your mother to share all those wonderful memories and anecdotes which make your book all the more authentic. Your preview on Amazon just left me wanting to know more about Phyllis and her “new family” in England !

  3. Alan Lane

    Good evening Jane – I have just ordered a copy of your book on Amazon. I will let you know how I find it after receipt and reading. I mostly buy books that have the days of the Raj in India as a storyline, and I am looking forward to reading this. I was born in India – er, many years ago now! – and after coming to the UK for my education, I was offered a post as an engineer in the state of Assam, servicing and repairing the many power plants that drove the tea factories. I married a lovely Anglo-Indian lady in 1968 in Margherita, Assam, and my mother-in-law’s name was Phyllis. As a suggestion, may I recommend you have a look at the tea planters of NE India website
    Best regards
    Alan Lane

    • Hello Alan

      Thank you so much for your lovely message and for buying the book! I really hope you enjoy reading it. I too love reading anything that features the Raj. I’ll have a look at the website you’ve kindly recommended. Do you still live in India?

      Kind regards


      • Alan Lane

        Hi Jane
        No, I don’t live in India any more, but in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, although I do have many correspondent friends, mostly wives of current tea planters in Assam. My wife still has a sister in Bangalore, as well as nieces and nephews that live in Delhi, and Kohima, Nagaland. My wife had made re-visits to India in 2013 and 2014, staying in Delhi and Assam. Not only do we attend the various tea planters reunions, but also curry lunches for the Dr Grahams Homes, Kalimpong which is held in London each October. Anybody can attend these lunches as it is held to meet up with the many ex-koi-hais that had been in the ICS, Military, Tea, Jute, Indigo, Tobacco and clothing manufacture in India, and raise funds for that school in the Himalaya region. We also attend the twice yearly curry lunches held in Woodbridge, Suffolk with a small group which is called “Children of the Raj”. May I recommend a very interesting book, that has recently been re-issued on Amazon – it is called “Zemindar” by Valerie Fitzgerald. My wife says that it remains one of her absolute favourites.
        Very best regards

      • Hi Alan
        How wonderful to still have so many connections to Assam and beyond. Thanks for the recommendation, I shall take a look later. I’ve just finished reading a book called Tea love and war, searching for English roots in Assam…quite an interesting read if you know that region well. Out of interest, how did you hear of my book?
        Bye for now.

  4. Alan Lane

    Hello Jane
    How did you like the Tea, Love and War book? The author, David Mitchell, had sent me the draft to comment on and proof read. I made some suggestions to David in way of certain things being incorrect but he still included the passages in his book. What did you think of Ann’s Story in the book? Ann is a very dear personal friend of ours, and in fact she was staying with us about ten days ago, along with her daughter, Anita. She is currently in London but will be returning to us in about a couple of weeks or so, before returning to India. Ann has her own tea estate at Poyserbari, that had been planted out by her father before the war and left to Ann when her father was killed in Singapore. Ann also runs a small ‘guest house’ where mostly revisiting tea planters or oil engineers stay when they make sentimental returns to Assam. I can send you photos of Ann’s home off blog, via e-mail, if you would like to see them. We have a very good friend, Shona Patel, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, who has written a couple of books. The first one, Teatime for the Firefly, was really lovely, as it was about Assam and tea gardens. Her second book will be released next month. Her blog is
    Shona was born, and brought up in Assam, where her father was a tea planter. Do have a look at her blog, and if you wish to communicate, just tell her that you have made contact with me.
    You ask about how I came to know of your book. Well, I have set up Amazon to put such books on a ‘favourites’ list that concern stories of India, and the Raj in particular. Both my wife and I read such books and then post them on to friends in Assam, or Phoenix, and also to Jackie’s sisters in Canada and Australia.
    Very best regards

    • Alan

      That is astonishing, what a small world we live in! I really enjoyed the book. Ann came across as a remarkable person, so much resilience… She went through so much in her life. I loved getting to know each character in the novel. How amazing for Mary too, to discover her brother’s secret family in Assam. I’m thrilled to have made a coincidental connection… Please say hi to Ann from me! I was recommended the book by someone called Olive Broadfield who is a friend of David Mitchell’s daughter… The plot thickens!

      Have a nice evening.


  5. Alan Lane

    Hi Jane
    I printed your last message and given it to Ann, who is now on her second visit with us. I haven’t started your book yet, but will do shortly. Ann had a look at it, and would like to take a copy home to Assam, but she thinks that she has too much baggage and not much space to fit it in. I might suggest that I post a copy to her.
    I hope that you are well and keeping up the hard work of writing! Did you manage to have a look at Shona’s blog?
    I have to go now as Ann and my wife want me to make a proper pot of tea with the original tea from Assam.
    Very best regards to you.

    • Hello Alan

      I’m so pleased that Ann would like to read my book! Yes, I’ve looked at Shona’ blog..I’ve added her book to my list of ‘want to reads’ on Goodreads. I hope you all enjoyed your tea last night.
      Take care

      • Alan Lane

        Hi Jane
        Ann has started to read my copy of your book and thoroughly enjoying it! So, she now has space in her luggage to take this to Assam – not too bulky after all!! OK, another one will have to be purchased now, which I will do straight away. Ann mentioned that if ever you would like to visit her in Assam you are most welcome as she has a lovely place where you could stay.
        Hope you are having some nice weather?
        Very best regards


  6. Good morning Alan
    That is fantastic . ..although a shame for you that your copy of the book has gone travelling! I really hope she enjoys it. How kind of her to offer a visit to Assam… Isn’t it wonderful how books bring people together!

    Hope you have a lovely day.


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