Guerrilla bookmarks…not the hairy kind!

photo(26) DSCN0540

When I designed my bookmarks, I had no idea how useful and versatile they would be.

I’m using them in a variety of ways:

I started out by handing them around at my book launch and subsequently leaving them at the restaurant as giveaways for the diners to pick up.

Since then I’ve run competitions on Facebook and twitter to win signed bookmarks.They have been posted off to far flung places in Australia, India and USA. The feedback has been incredible!

I take a little stash of them wherever I go…its great fun leaving them in all sorts of random places…from a plane, an elegant airbnb apartment on a canal in Amsterdam, swanky wine bars, local pubs, village noticeboards, a rather posh hair salon and supermarkets.

Because of my connections with Nainital in India (the protagonist in Dance with Fireflies ran a restaurant there and the cover image is the restaurant in the 1930’s) I have twitter and Facebook followers from that region. One of them is Abbotsford, a beautiful colonial mansion that is now an exquisite hotel. They are co hosting the kumaon literary festival in October and have agreed to put some bookmarks in their library…I’m thrilled as the book is so relevant to the setting. Writers, screenwriters and film directors will be attending!!!

Today we are taking a spin to Stratford upon Avon…home of THE literary giant! I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for more guerrilla opportunities….might take some pics too.

…….We have been to Stratford…horribly busy ……we managed to do a bit of guerrilla activity! A grand hotel, The royal Shakespeare Company, a nice pub and a wedding!!!!

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4 responses to “Guerrilla bookmarks…not the hairy kind!

  1. Totally cool! I like to think of bookmarks traveling the world!

  2. Cathy Zelenka

    Hi Jane, love the idea of the book marks. I’m a fellow author living nearby in Southam. I’ve really enjoyed reading, Dance with Fireflies, and will put a review on Amazon. If you’d like to meet up to discuss things bookish over a coffee please email me,
    Best Wishes, Cathy Zelenka

    • Hi Cathy

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my book and can’t thank you enough for your wonderful Amazon review. How wonderful that you compare it to Small Island..Andrea Levy is one of my favourite authors….I often say it is because of her that I started to write!

      Thanks so much


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