Book of the month sticker

I’ve just received my new stickers that now adorn the front cover of Dance with Fireflies….. Rather pleased with them! I think it gives the book a certain kudos. Just popped into my local stockist to stick one on each copy ready for the Christmas rush, after last night’s article in the local newsletter!




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2 responses to “Book of the month sticker

  1. Richard Hookway

    Well done Jane. I thought or you recently as I was reading the works of Jim Corbett. I’m sure you said something once of him and your grandmother. Hope all is well with you. It seems to be.

    • Crumbs… Long time no see! Yes, my great grandmother was rather sweet on him. They grew up together in Nainital. I have recently visited ( to talk at the Kumaon literary festival about my book) I spent an evening at Gurney house…. Jim’s bed and some of his belongings are still there. I’m now friends with the family that own it. Funny old world! Not sure what my granny would have made of it all! Are you still writing?

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