A compliment from Vikram Seth…a moment to treasure.

So last night I met the amazing Vikram Seth after an enlightening session at the Oxford Literary Festival. What struck me was not only his total passion for the written word, be it novels or poetry but also his warmth.

He indulged me in a lengthy conversation and even complimented me on the title of my novel (Dance with Fireflies) which I gave to him, despite a snaking queue of people wishing to speak with him. He asked me to dedicate it to him as he was signing my copy of A Suitable Boy….what a great moment!

I was lucky enough to hang about for a while and felt hugely pleased to see him rest his arm on my book throughout the whole signing process.

As we sped back to Burford that evening to enjoy one of my husband’s birthday treats …a night at The Golden Pheasant, I prayed to the stars that Vikram would at least flick through my book, if not read it.

I can’t wait for A Suitable Girl….published later this year .

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  1. How lucky you are to have met Vikram Seth and talked with him. A Suitable Boy is one of may favorite books. I read it many years ago, in 1994 I think, while living in Paris but thinking about my times in India, some of which I cover in my blog posts, and about my husband’s family, a large extended family from across both north and south India. In A Suitable Boy I recognized Ravi’s family and friends. I felt I personally knew the people in the book. It’s strange — but I’ve never talked with an Indian who has read the book. I’ll try to find out why.

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