Public speaking… not so hairy scary after all!



When I was asked to do a talk to The Tewkesbury Historical Society back in 2016, I said ‘yeah sure’, thinking that’s two whole years away.  I put it on the back burner for quite some time and thought little about it until the first day of January this year. Ummm, suddenly the date of the talk felt a bit close for comfort. I had been supplied a title which sounded rather good; Conflict between fact and fiction.

It took a few drafts to complete my PowerPoint presentation supported by copious notes. I tested it out on my poor nearest and dearest, who all said it was jolly fine.

Great, except that I haven’t presented in a while. I did an author Q &A on a stage in India (that was up there with hairy scary experiences). I had done a bit of presenting in my former life as an Art Director, but nothing like this. I love talking about my book, my research, my ideas, I could talk all day about it …. but to a room full of people for an hour!! This was a whole different level of hairy scary! Anyway, last night, my two years was up. Somehow, from deep within my nerve-wracked brain I found the courage to walk into a roomful of strangers ready to perform. It was less a room and more a church! I actually gave my talk standing at the pulpit to my 50 strong congregation!

How did it go? I surprised myself. I loved it! It was fun! I felt happy to be sharing my story of writing a novel and my thoughts on the conflict between fact and fiction. I had a round of applause and lots of brilliant questions. Books were sold and everyone seemed genuinely interested and happy. Result! I am now officially unafraid of presenting!

Thank you John Dixon (chairman of THS) for giving me this wonderful opportunity to come and speak to your lovely group. I learnt a lot…. I hope they did too!




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