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March 2019: A familiar photograph!


Today I received my Nainital Nostalgia 2019 Limited Edition Calendar. I am thrilled to see the images of Barnes Restaurant adorning the month of March. The restaurant was run by my grandmother, Phyllis Dover and her sister Muriel in the 1930’s. From the hundreds of letters I have spent reading (for the research of my first novel – Dance with Fireflies), I think they ran it with great gusto and thoroughly enjoyed themselves! They held all kinds of parties that serviced the needs of the local gentry and army camp in Tallital. The British Raj was still in full swing, the piano was played (often by Phyllis) and the gramophone wound up, ready for action.

This beautiful calendar is the end result of a group of admirers and residents of this historical hill station who have worked together (with the help of Facebook) from across the globe….including India, Australia and the UK.

I feel very privileged to be part of Nainital Nostalgia; a Facebook group that started about 8 years ago. The warmth and kindness from its members along with their incredible knowledge of this remote town that meant so much to my ancestors is remarkable.

This will be a year-round reminder of this amazing place my family once called home and where my great, great grandmother is buried.


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Facebook ad

Thought I’d have a go at this…. taken at Cowley Manor, my favourite cheeky lunch venue. This is my big sister. The quote is a genuine 5* review on Amazon. I’m particularly chuffed with the reference to Andrea Levy, the author that inspired me to put pen to paper and write Dance with Fireflies!IMG_1957.PNG

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Dance with Fireflies book launch party

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Feeling slightly overwhelmed! The book launch party was amazing. We got to the East India Cafe early and set everything up…..stacks of books on a table for Alfie to sell and me to sign!!!! (felt nicely weird). The projector with the trailer was set up and the bookmark flyers dotted about the place. The restaurant was cleared of most of the table and chairs, giving us a lovely space to entertain. They even built me a bookshelf to display the book. Had a quick drink to steady the nerves, although I felt surprisingly calm. Then the lovely sitar music started and my guests arrived. The evening flowed with canapes and cocktails inspired by the British Raj. We mingled, nibbled, sipped and laughed our way through the evening. The pile of books reduced to only a few by the end of the party….the restaurant even produced cute goody bags for everyone to take home….a night I’ll never forget.

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The proofs are on their way!

photo 2(1)photo 1(1)photo 3(1)

Its been a week of tears and triumph as I’ve battled with Word Docs, margins and headers, but its all been worth it. I have just received approval of my submitted document to Createspace and ordered 2 hard copies. They are arriving on Friday! I’m am so thrilled to see it all falling into place. The online proof looks great, the cover is fab and all the listing info is complete. I just need to work out the pricing, approve the proof and upload it as an e version on Amazon and chocs away…we are ready for take off!

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