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Dance with Fireflies book launch party

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Feeling slightly overwhelmed! The book launch party was amazing. We got to the East India Cafe early and set everything up…..stacks of books on a table for Alfie to sell and me to sign!!!! (felt nicely weird). The projector with the trailer was set up and the bookmark flyers dotted about the place. The restaurant was cleared of most of the table and chairs, giving us a lovely space to entertain. They even built me a bookshelf to display the book. Had a quick drink to steady the nerves, although I felt surprisingly calm. Then the lovely sitar music started and my guests arrived. The evening flowed with canapes and cocktails inspired by the British Raj. We mingled, nibbled, sipped and laughed our way through the evening. The pile of books reduced to only a few by the end of the party….the restaurant even produced cute goody bags for everyone to take home….a night I’ll never forget.

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Book trailer in the making


Today I’m working out a storyboard for my book trailer. I’ve spent a few hours looking at other people’s which are a bit of a mixed bag…. some are like movie trailers and others very amateurish. I think simplicity is the key. I have no footage but do have permission to use some troopship pictures I have found on a museum site. The biggest two tricks I have up my sleeve, are that I have an amazing voiceover (thank you Charles Edwards from Downton Abbey) and I have a ┬ávery talented filmmaker nephew… Louis Gill…… So I’m now doing a storyboard to try and make a short 3 minute film. I want something that encapsulates the essence of the film whilst being intriguing but without being a spoiler……..nearly there….26 days till the launch!

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