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One hell of a ride!



It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since the launch of Dance with Fireflies. 12 months ago, I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined what was to follow!

Here are just a few of the amazing things that have happened since the launch:

Speaker at The Kumaon Literary Festival in India.

Book of the Month in Devon Life magazine.

Reviews and features in magazines and papers, including : Cotswold Life & Devon Life.

Invited to be on the Fellows of Nature South Asia short story jury panel.

A mention in The Times of India.

Selected for ‘Reads on the road’ Travel book recommendations.

Youtube interview for Reader’s Club Delhi.

Blog interview on IndigoEast’s travel blog https://www.indigoeast.co.uk/dance-with-fireflies-author-jane-gill-on-her-indian-inspirations/

Celebrity interest: Caroline Quentin, Jan Leeming, Rosemary Shrager, Tony Singh and Bobby George…

Fantastic 5* reviews on Amazon.

Selected for bookclub reads, from cheltenham to India.

Stocked in a multitude of bookshops.

 I will be featuring in the July issue of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine.

…and to cap it all…this week I was called ‘Doll’ by the legendary Bobby George, sent a kiss by Caroline Quentin and received a beautiful thank you card from the one and only Jan Leeming!










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Self publishing…I can almost taste the prosecco


I’m nearly there….where?……the end of a very long journey. I’m working out the final formatting of the book to upload on to Amazon and Createspace……MUCH harder than I thought (and I started out on my design career pasting up books by hand).

Word (the software) is doing my brain in….chapter breaks, page numbers, headings, odd, even pages, margin widths blah blah blah ….I’ve now resorted to printing the whole book out as a PDF. My printer won’t duplex print so its a page a side and there are nearly 500 pages.

So I am slightly exasperated today as I think about the launch date I have set myself and wonder how on earth I’m going to get this formatting malarky right. Book a venue (I have something rather lovely in mind). Design invites and get my book trailer produced. I then need to upload and order a paperback and download an E book to make sure its all ok. Before ordering 100 copies to give away….Chin chin!

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My dream book launch venue



I’ve been looking into the perfect venue for my dream book launch……that’s assuming I have a physical event. Aside from flying off to Asia and indulging in my fantasy of floating down the Ganges to the sound of lightly strummed sitars, this looks pretty bloody good………..Benares restaurant in Mayfair…not only do they have private dining available but the room is called The Dover room. My granny’s maiden name….and its time to wake up now.


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