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Location, location, location

In 2016 I’ve discovered the joy of writing in different places. It’s so refreshing to be somewhere else other than staring at the same view from my office day after day…not that the view from my office is horrid or anything, it just gets a bit samey. By far the best location this year was the balcony which overlooked Porto Roma Bay in Zakynthos. A very close second has to be looking out onto the rooftops in Lucca.



I wonder where I’ll be writing next? I might cram a bit of editing in on a trip to Torquay….Our trip to Iceland is a long way off yet. Maybe book 3 will be started by then….I wonder if my Macbook would suvive a dip in the hot tub 🙂





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It may look like I’m on a beautiful beach in Zakinthos, but I was actually in Karachi in 1947 as I wrote book two!

I took my Macbook on holiday with me, hoping I might pick it up occasionally and have a delve into the backstreets of Karachi, the Sind Club and Phyllis’s life back in India/Pakistan. It took me by surprise to find myself sloping off to the bedroom’s private balcony to hammer out a few thousand words each morning. It became routine to stare at the amazing Porto Roma Bay that surrounded me, it’s various craft coming and going, as I pictured my ancestor’s lives at the time of Partition.

Lunch was always a welcome break in the blistering heat; a chance to refuel on Yianna’s Greek salad and Sangria at Nikos Beach Bar.

After a swim in the clear waters beneath Deep Blue Villas, I’d spend an hour or so on the beach reading through the morning’s writing. I thought it might be a bit of a burden to write whilst away, but it was one of the highlights!

So if you happen to visit the beach bar anytime soon, look out for one of my bookmarks on the counter…couldn’t resist a bit of cheeky guerrilla marketing.

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