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U3A – Picture perfect book club meeting

IMG_0734IMG_0750IMG_0743dursley book group p1 letter

The summer of 2018 may seem like a long time ago now but I have just received these gorgeous photographs and simply had to share them. My mother, Maureen, was invited to a meeting by the Bookworms Book Club. They are a group of book lovers belonging to the Cam & Dursley U3A. They chose Dance with Fireflies as one of their summer reads.

I just love the setting of this book club meeting, in the stunning gardens belonging to Jo, one of the U3A members. The tablecloth, pretty glasses and umbrella could easily be a scene from the book, some of which is set in the days of the decaying British Raj in India.

Mum (in the white top) enjoyed sharing the family photograph album with the group who avidly searched out family members they felt they knew through reading the novel. “They discussed them as if old friends,” commented mum, who said she felt privileged to be the centre of attention.

Mum received a lovely letter….the answer to which is…Yes! the sequel is written. I’m on the prowl for the right publisher. Watch this space.






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…..thinking about book two!

I am sat in my freezing cold office, just a little apprehensive, as my manuscript, Dancing with Fireflies takes a well earned holiday. It’s on the way to Australia, on my stepdaughter’s kindle* for a proof read!  So now I am twiddling my very cold thumbs …yes that is my hand….thinking about book two. Book two!!!!….I’ve got my outline story, which includes some amazing conflict and a great climax set in Karachi at the time of partition. Image

My characters are already with me from my first book. I need to grow them and develop them as people, aswell as develop my secondary characters, which is really exciting.

The problem that only just dawned on me today is, how the hell do I write a sequel?…it’s not as simple as it sounds. I need to take into account that some people will have read the first book whilst others won’t have…how much backstory needs to be told without becoming boring, repetitive and possibly patronising?

Today I have been doing a bit of research, and have decided to write my second book as though everyone reading it already knows what’s gone on before. If I find myself needing to explain something from the past I will put a note in the margin and address it later. I’ll write it as a stand alone book but concentrate on growing my characters from the first book……continuity will be crucial…did he smoke cigars or a pipe….what was the dog called……..

*I saved my word document as an RTF file then emailed it to her Kindle email address (you can find this on your amazon account page).


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